New Client – Flexographic Technical Association (FTA)

Located in Bohemia, NY, FTA is an organization that enables flexographers to grow their skills, connect with likeminded individuals, expand their reachable market and drive flexography to package printing dominance. I’m so glad to be helping FTA with their graphic design needs. Visit them at

New Client – Veeco Instruments, Inc.

Even though I did work for them over ten years ago, they’re a new client to me. They have grown to be international, they have new personnel, and they have a very modern high-tech brand. I’m so glad to be helping with their graphic design needs. Visit them at

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive websites respond to their environment, which means websites adapt to the device that they are being viewed on. That may be a home computer, ipad, iphone, laptop, blackberry, or any mobile device.

I create responsive websites so you won’t have to worry. Your site will completely change depending on the device you are viewing it on! Some content such as Flash animations are not even supported by mobile devices!

Make sure you don’t miss out just because your site isn’t optimized for small screens and tablets!


In the process of rebuilding this website, I realized that I’ve designed a lot of in-store displays, so I looked them over, and thought “wow, they look pretty awesome”. So I created a whole section for them.

The images you see are not photographs of real displays, but are mock-ups that I created for my clients.


I have created some beautiful packaging concepts and adaptations. Some of the concepts have even gone to full production, which I am very proud of.


The clip-art, product drawings, and icon images shown on this website were commissioned by a large clip-art house in New York City. They were all created in Illustrator. This is just a small sample of all the art images I created for them. I filled a thick 3-ring binder of them!